Everyone knows a Dave –


And if you don’t you do now! Welcome to the everyman blog. A place were you won’t find a filter, a beautiful face or a ‘how to guide’ – Wait! Don’t go back to Instagram scrolling just yet. I have something to offer I promise.

I am what some might call your average Dave, the guy down the pub, the gym – your neighbour or in my case the Electrician (I’m still saved in my father in laws phone as ‘Dave the Electric’). But this is where most make a grave mistake, for no Dave is average.

To be inducted into the  brotherhood of Dave’s you must have a surprising fact, something that doesn’t fit your label, something that makes people say “Oh, have you heard about Dave?” My surprising fact is I’m a writer.

This is the part of my blog where we need to get the measure of each other. Lay it all out in black and white so we both know what we are getting into here.


I am by NO MEANS a professional writer, I by NO MEANS boast a university degree in English Lit and I by NO MEANS have a finer understanding of what makes a best seller. I’ll tell you what I do have – heart, heaps of it in fact and through this blog I’ll share every ugly truth, every wart and every mistake on the journey of an everyman trying to shake his label in the social swamp and publish his first novel. I WILL cement my place in the brotherhood of Dave’s hall of fame – you just watch guys and girls…

I think I need to start this journey at the beginning – I know that sounds obvious but George Lucas didn’t, so give me a break! (if you’re not a Star Wars fan please leave my blog now, we are no longer in each other’s lives, thankyou.)

As a child I would write, nothing strange there really but I think its worth attention. Its worth attention because we should all write like children (but oh my days that would be so much more fun than these keys!) When a child writes they don’t write for anyone but themselves – they don’t write for mommy or for daddy. They put crayon to paper and get out whatever the coolest thing they can muster in their minds eye. Regardless of if you think its cool or not, they do and that what’s going down.

If I turned to my seven year old boy and told him his story about knights and castles wasn’t original two things would happen – One, his mom would make me a lovely bed on the sofa for the night and two he would give me the strangest look. THEY WRITE FROM THE HEART, something we all talk about, something we all strive to be able to do but what we forget is that we used to, all of us! But as you grow up, with each bill you pay and each shift you work and even each film you watch, you listen more and more to other people.

It’s not about learning to write from the heart, it’s about remembering how.

I just thought this was a good place to start. Now we understand each other, let’s get this thing some legs.

I’m Dave. Father of three, husband to one. Electrician, gym junkie, Netflix connoisseur and writer, Hear me roar!!!

Published by: davidjpwrites

cyber stalker / secret serial killer / potential antagonist - oh and I have 3 kids a wife and a dog and I write science fiction and fantasy.

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