You Can’t Teach An Old Dave New Tricks –

  So Bloggers and Bloggette’s, wait – ‘Bloggette’s’ sounds like a label a bully might thrust upon their victim… I’m trying to improve my writing style so let me show vs tell as all the youtubers and people in the know are instructing. Erm ‘look at that over there by the bus stop, man what a bloggette!” sorry that’s the Davetrician in me, time to don the Davuthor hat for a few minutes. (It also sounds like baguette, right back to the blog, seriously now, stop distracting me brain!)

   I realised quite early on in the exciting process of putting myself through endless late nights, a high caffeine diet and alienating myself from everyone I know (a.k.a writing a novel) that learning new techniques was laced with the necessity to break old ones.

   I would watch (and often still do) youtubers top tips, such hits as “10 things I wish I knew publishing” and “My 5 steps to writing a best seller” – “Biggest first time writers mistakes” and “50 funniest epic fails on a skateboard” sometimes you got have a break right?

   I think it’s a pseudo culture of lessons and learning.  Whoa! Let me explain before you drag me to the gallows for hanging out your favourite youtubers. These people are important to the craft, I watch some of them religiously and by no means am I belittling their work …are we friends again now?

   The YouTube lesson culture falls short for me not on their side but ours… yes I’m looking at you Dave’s reflection! How many of us watch these videos, clips of great authors – successful people telling us how to fix a sagging middle.

how to add dimensions to our characters…. And go on to not implement a SINGLE point they made in our own works – Raise of hands please.

  Thought so, but don’t feel bad, we the writing community are not alone. It happens all over, people sit and watch things like ‘How to eat clean’ and go order a curry on a Friday night…I fit into this demographic as well ☹

   Here’s my theory, you ready? People like to be told how to do things and when to do them, BUT they don’t want to be held accountable for it.

   I wonder how many of those you-tubing professional writers got there due to watching other budding youtubers and taking their advice. I’m guessing not many right? The thing is we all know the answer we just don’t want to admit it in this short cut, instant gratification culture we bask in.

  I’m gonna say it so cover your ears guys.

  Write what you want to write and write lots of it, so much it cant fill your office rubbish bin, hell if the bins full you got to keep something to polish right ?

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