The year is 2126. Earth is a husk of its former glory.

Bled dry of resources by an ever-increasing parasite, Humankind.

To live in this time is to be one payroll number amongst billions. Born to work until death.

Freedom and individualism are resigned to the past within the Mega Corps.

Huge cities, each owned by a corporation have replaced the countries of old.

Their tall walls the only divide between the suffocation of a dense metropolis

and the starvation of the barren wastelands.

Surviving this age means bending the knee to the combined over-class of rich

and powerful, Unity — an organisation that had been formed in the era after first contact with an alien race. The only contact, never to be seen again.

Mankind rallied under one banner…

But as is the nature of the powerful, they preyed on the nightmares of the weak.

Now all hide within their high walls, fed on propaganda and fear of the aliens return.

The parasite grows, draining its birth world in the hope of being ready for a foe

only seen in nightmares and the books of old.

This is the tale of those times…

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