The future is bright, the future is Estan!

Hello Blogatrons!

This blog post is going out one day before the beans get spilled across social media and bookbub! Estan, book two in the Lucid Chronicles will be released in ebook and paperback format tomorrow ( 26/1/20) with the hardback to follow not long after!

It will come with a free promotion week for Orson, letting people download his story for free… got to be friendly to the catch ups don’t we?!

This post is just my way of tipping the cap as it were for those of you who have followed my journey thus far.

So go, take your pre release knowledge and don’t tell a soul! (who am I kidding, tell everyone! just pretend you weren’t supposed to shhhhh)

love you all, here’s the ad’s that will roll out in the morning;


Estan Graphic


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