Heading into 2020

Its been a while since I dropped a blog on here. I have a million excuses and all of them are valid, honestly…. Its definitely not because I’ve been super lazy…. you believe me right Blogatrons?!

So I saw out the last decade taking the plunge and becoming a published author. It found me gaining a new outlook on life, mainly my friends and family, which became a whole lot bigger through Twitter and Facebook around the Lucid Chronicles.

Orson was a great success for me, brill reviews, nice downloads and even an article by my work in the newsletter that gets posted through over 10,000 doors each month!

meme 1

The article was great… apart from the photoshoot. The photographer couldn’t find my house so asked if I would meet him in a pull in at the side of the road (doesn’t sound dodgy at all, right?) When I got there he said “Dave, I’m going to need you to put your hardhat on and pose with the book.” It was at this point I had to politely refuse, I don’t take a good picture as it is… but in a hardhat? that says Dave on the front in black marker pen? no thank you!

After some back and forth he let me take the picture without the hat BUT he wanted the shot in front of my van. “No problem” I said and took my position next to the big white dirty van.

“Ah, there’s a dent on this side, lets go around to the other side” he said. I offered to turn the van around, as at this point we were standing in the road. He refused with a wave of his hand “Don’t worry Dave, the traffic will go around us.”

So here I am, standing in the road, holding a book and pointing at the company name on the side of my van whilst angry motorists swerve around us honking their horns and flipping me off.

I could have curled up and died right there, but hey! anything for a bit of free press on the book right?

The crazy part of it all was that they ended up photo shopping the van out of the bloody picture! but all joking aside, the support my family, friends and work have given me is second to none. Here’s said article;

wpd book

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cyber stalker / secret serial killer / potential antagonist - oh and I have 3 kids a wife and a dog and I write science fiction and fantasy.

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One thought on “Heading into 2020”

  1. Looking forward to 2020 being another successful year for The Lucid Chronicles!
    Orson was great! Can’t wait for the sequels!!


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