Reaching A Mile Stone and How It Changes You… Or doesn’t –

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It’s happening guys….I can feel it! In my belly – I’m becoming Dave v2.0… oh wait no – I’m just hungry.

Todays Blogwaffle is going to be all about hitting those goals. I’m not talking about the day to day shizz, I’m talking about the milestones… the big boy stuff.

We’re going to discuss what it does to you and how to deal with it (and it might not be what you expect!)

So with world book day rocking around again I received the best present a budding author could ask for – the proof copies of Orson book one in the Lucid Chronicles! My baby, my treasure, the thing I hold most dear. (glad Laura doesn’t waste her time on this blog site like you internet junkies.)

Receiving the copies of the paperback and hardback versions was a great feeling but a strange one to boot. Holding a copy of my works is mine, and every other sane writers dream. Seeing my thoughts, feelings and hard work bound in a nice little bundle was magical to say the least BUT (there’s always a but) how did I feel afterwards?

Did I feel like I had become a better me for getting to this milestone? Was I now an improved, stronger person for ticking that box? No… not In the slightest. I sat in my kitchen and felt a little empty to be honest with you… anti-climax is what springs to mind.

good as get


Then I started asking myself;

‘If something happens and it changes who you are, were you ready for it to happen in the first place?’ What I mean is – If you obtain something in life and you still feel like you then surely that’s the worlds way of showing you it’s simply natural progression. Its not like winning the lottery, this thing didn’t just happen to me, I worked for it, night after night after night. So when I received the copies, part of me felt like ‘Yea, that’s what I expected.’ And by the time this proof copy had emerged I was already 6 chapters deep in the sequel – that mindset is what got this delivery to my door in the first place.


It’s a strange notion to consider but try and reframe your thinking to believe that ‘big milestones’ don’t actually exist – because they don’t! What does exist is inevitable outcomes as a result of perseverance.

As soon as you realise that your life is made up of millions of defining moments, you’ll stop ‘searching’ for them and start ‘working’ for them.

It applies to every avenue of life but lets take writing a book as the example (it is an author blog after all.) More people than you think romanticise about writing a book. Until they sit down in front of a blank screen, overwhelmed with the notion of writing 100k words. If that’s you, remember the following;

Those 100k words are made up of single sentences, are you able to write a single sentence? Of course you are, repeat this as many times as you can today – come back to me in 6 months and tell me how ‘scary’ 100k words is.


Focus and Drive will complete any task you apply them to.

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